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Vax Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Performance

Cordless vacuum cleaners are becoming a good buy for people who want automated cleaning. There are lots of options and getting the “right one” is usually a big issue for most people. But of all the options, the Vax products tend to get better recognition now and again. And how good is the Vax Cordless vacuum cleaner that people always want to know about it. Well, it is because of this we have decided to put up a review of the Vax cordless products.

how good is the vax cordless vacuum cleaner

The Vax cordless vacuum cleaner is a good product to have for cleaning in the house. It comes at a budget rate so you do not have to break the bank to buy one. And despite being affordable, it is safe to say it out performs other cordless vacuum cleaners. It can be used to clean all types of surfaces and is very quiet about it. it comes with other accessories that makes the cleaning experience quite wonderful. Since there is no power cord, this vacuum cleaner gets power from replaceable batteries to clean large areas of space and handles it very well.

Talking about power, Vax cordless vacuum cleaners have ONEPWR lithium-ion battery. The unique thing about this battery is that it takes only three hours to make full charge. Since the battery is removable and rechargeable, we recommend that you get extra ones. Especially if you will want to use the “boost” mode at some point (we’ll talk about the boost mode soon on this post). The controlled brushless motor is powered by CoreTM technology.

The Vax cordless cleaner cleans all types of floor with relative ease. And for its weight (which is generally dependent on its battery and bin size), it is easy to glide around as compared to a whole lot of other cordless vacuum cleaners.


With this cordless vacuum cleaner, cleaning pet hair and fur is quite easily done with just one sweep of your hands. This is made possible by a motorised floor head. So for pet owners, this could be a really good choice for cordless vacuum cleaning. The motorised brush can be turned off at will depending on how delicate the floor is.

As earlier promised, the cordless vacuum cleaner has a boost mode that allows it to clean up dirt, dust and crumbs effortlessly from off the floor. This boost mode gives it an edge over most other cleaners that come with cords. However, putting this vacuum cleaner on boost mode comes at a price. You will quickly need to do your cleaning in well under ten minutes as against forty-five minutes when using standard battery mode.

When using this vacuum cleaner as a hand held unit, it feels bulky to the touch and wasn’t easy navigating around tight spaces when you attach the stick to it. Though with the stick, cleaning smooth surfaces is easy breezy.

 Vax Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Performance


Next up, we will be taking a look at some stand out specifications of the Vax cordless cleaners and how they fare as against other cordless vacuum cleaners. We will try to keep our reviews and opinions as sincere as possible so you can have proper guide when making your decisions. Find below, the review.

Vax Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Performance

We earlier talked about the Vax CoreTM technology that powers the blushless motor. This feature allows you to clean efficiently, effectively and without noise. This cordless cleaner boasts of very good suction. When on standard power mode, you might not feel the powerful suction until you realize that it leaves no trace of dirt and debris behind.

In areas of the house that are notorious for being too dirty, you can switch to the boost mode to make the cleaning more effective. Mind you, you can switch between standard power mode and boost mode by pressing their individual buttons.

As we have said before, this vacuum cleaner is excellent on hard floors, but it holds its own while cleaning thick rugs especially when you turn on the brush bar. Another great feature of this vacuum cleaner is its LED headlights that helps visibility while cleaning dimly lit rooms. So you can see dust that wouldn’t have been visible under normal lighting condition. It is also important to note that the boost button is not necessarily needed for cleaning carpets and sofas.

Vax Cordless Vacuum Cleaner design

This cordless vacuum can be used to clean under furniture by removing the top section and converting it into a hand held vacuum cleaner. This feature also helps for cleaning spillage on the floor and sofas too. Fixing the attachment back is quite strenuous. In fact, you don’t get that click sound when putting the attachment back (which is sad).

The motorised brush is quite east to remove and clean. But while cleaning for a long time, it tends to gather hair and fur around is bar. But these too can be removed by using maybe a pair of scissors to release it along its cutting groove.

Vax Cordless Vacuum Cleaner design

We are not going to lie; this vacuum cleaner is not the most beautiful you will find. But at least it is easy to store as it does not take up a lot of space. The design is sleek enough with its wall mounting to make sure it stands securely upright. The vacuum cleaner weighs about 3kg, and most of this weight is in the handle. So don’t be surprised if you notice your biceps and triceps are getting a little bigger over time.

As compared to other cordless vacuum cleaners, this Vox product requires some heavy lifting while moving around because the dirt container, the handle and the detachable battery accounts for about a third of the vacuums entire weight.

The floor head is quite flexible and the motorised brush bar is light – which is actually a disadvantage because it becomes hard to navigate around floors. However, if you can get used to this weight, you’ll find it easy to harness.

For power, it is designed such that the charging dock is separate from the vacuum unit. So after charging, you fit the battery back into place and you are a go to clean. Like other cordless vacuum cleaners, there is a wall bracket that allows you keep it at a safe distance when not in use.

Emptying the container is also easy as all the dirt can be released into a bin. The bin should be removed regularly as dirt often tends to stick to its sides. Remember to also wash out the filters and air dry it often.


The Vax cordless vacuum cleaner costs about £220 pounds on the Vax official website and other retail outlets. And with this price, it does way better than most of its rival cordless vacuum cleaners. Though it has good performance, its design might not be top-notch. The general weight of the vacuum cleaner is not evenly spread and connecting attachments should be a lot better. Factor in all of these and you realize at this price you are not really losing at all.


Has a wall mount

Very simple to use

Charge level is visible by a button on the battery

Additional battery can be added for more extensive cleaning and power usage

Dirt bin is easy to remove and empty

There’s LED light that helps for better visibility in poorly lit rooms and good dust detection.

All the controls of this vacuum cleaner can be found on its handle

If you buy from the original manufacturer, this cordless vacuum cleaner comes with a tool kit.


If you buy from other retailers, it only comes with a dusting brush and a crevice tool

The vacuum cleaner does not stand upright in its own.


The Vax cordless vacuum cleaner is just okay. Nothing too elaborate, but it does its job perfectly.