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Vacuum cleaner repairs – Easy Solutions

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Vacuum cleaner repairs

Your vacuum cleaner might be under performing because of a single problem that has a simple solution. This vacuum cleaner repairs article includes the most common problems of most vacuum cleaners and their solutions. It also includes tips on how to keep your vacuum cleaner working at an optimally level. If you own a pet, then this article is a must-read for you and anyone in your home.

 Vacuum cleaner repairs

Common Vacuum Problem And Solutions

Repairing vacuum suction

Problem: The suction is a very vital component of a vacuum cleaner. It is responsible for picking up the dirt from the surface. Best Vacuum Cleaner Brands

A common sign of faulty vacuum suction is the inability to pick up even the smallest bits of dirt from the floor. If you notice your vacuum is not suctioning properly, then you will need to repair it.

To repair a vacuum suction usually requires either a minor fix or a complete replacement. In the next part of this section, we’ll be looking at how to repair a damaged vacuum suction.

Solution: To repair vacuum suction that won’t work, check the hose that it is not clogged. You can do this by dropping a tangible element into the hose at one end.

If it comes out at the other end, then the hose is not clogged. However, if it doesn’t come out, then you have a clogged hose on your hand.

How to resolve this? Use a mop stick or any long stick in your possession to push the content inside the hose down towards the other end. Ensure the stick doesn’t have sharp spikes that can tear the hose.

Another solution to poor vacuum suction is emptying or replacing the bag. Experts recommend emptying the vacuum bag once it gets to ⅔ of its capacity. This ensures 100% suction as anything else can reduce airflow and cause suction to fall drastically.


Repairing brush roll

Problem: The brush roll is a victim of hair, especially when you own pets around or you’re using your vacuum cleaner in a saloon. Once the brush is clogged with hair, it will stop spinning. To repair a clogged brush roll, check below.

Solution: Take out a pair of scissors and cut the strands of hair clogging the brush roll. Once you have successfully cut them to pieces, now remove them one by one and toss them in the trash.

Your brush roll should work optimally now. If it doesn’t work, then the brush might be damaged. If so, order a replacement from amazon. Check your manufacturer’s website for the correct replacement.


Repairing the Switch

The on/off switch on a vacuum cleaner is one of the most-used components. Because of this, it is also the first part to be damaged.

This will hinder your easy use of the vacuum, and once damaged completely, will prevent you from using the equipment entirely.

Luckily for us, this switch is easy to replace and is similar is most vacuum cleaners. Read below on how to repair a vacuum cleaner switch.

Solution: Check the wires connected to the on/off wires. You want to ensure that they are all connected and no wire is broken. If you find any broken wires, order new wires to reconnect the switch.

Another solution is testing the circuit. The circuit should be closed when connected and open otherwise. If you find it reversed or there’s no feedback on the testing device, you want to order a replacement switch or have a professional look at it.

Person Holding a Yellow Vacuum

Repairing the drive belt

Problem: A major cause of smell from a vacuum cleaner or brush roller not rolling is a damaged drive belt. It is very important and should be working all the time to achieve optimal results.

Luckily for us, the vacuum drive belt is either jammed or may have slipped out of position so it doesn’t require a major fix. But if it is broken, here is how to replace a vacuum cleaner drive belt.

First, you should get a new replacement. Check the manufacturer’s website to find the correct replacement for your model. For the replacement itself, unplug the vacuum and remove the bottom plate.

Next, you’ll find the old damaged plate. Remove it and replace it with the new one. This process is straightforward and can be done by just anyone, regardless of technical abilities. Blower function of a vacuum.


Servicing a Dirty Fan

Problem: The dirtbag pulls dirt from the beater bar to the vacuum bag. Over time, it can become too dirty and reduce in functionality. This will affect the overall performance of the vacuum cleaner which is very visible.

Luckily for us, the dirt fan doesn’t require a replacement. Below is how to service a dirty vacuum cleaner fan.

Solution: Remove the motor cover to access the fan. Check the back of the fan for accumulated dirt and wipe it thoroughly. Also, check that if the fan is broken or damaged and needs major servicing or replacement.


Repairing a damaged motor

Problem: The vacuum cleaner motor is the most important and most expensive component of a vacuum cleaner. Because of this, most homeowners just replace the entire vacuum cleaner instead of replacing the motor.

But in some cases, a damaged motor is usually caused by a few minor problems such as blocked filters or too much use of a vacuum bag.

Additional factors may include a broken on/off switch, faulty power cable, and or jammed fan. Below are tested ways to diagnose and replace a damaged motor.

Solution: Before taking any step to repair your vacuum cleaner motor, you need to be sure of the problem exactly. You can diagnose the motor by using a multi tester or continuity tester that is available in stores near you and on Amazon.

Next, try turning the beater. If it doesn’t respond, then you have a damaged motor on your hands. You can choose to replace the motor by hiring a professional to have a look at it.

Otherwise, I recommend buying a new vacuum cleaner because of the cost of buying a replacement motor. You can find new and improved vacuum cleaners on amazon for less than $200 that will meet your needs.

 Vacuum cleaner repairs

Tips on maintaining a vacuum cleaner

If you want your vacuum cleaner to keep working like the first day you got it, then you need to follow these maintenance tips below. They will help maintain high performance and reduce the risk of the above problems.

Replace the vacuum belt

Expert recommends replacing the vacuum belt once every year or more frequently depending on how frequently you use the vacuum cleaner. An old vacuum belt will drastically reduce brush performance and that’s not something you want.

Clean the roller brush regularly

As mentioned earlier, the brush is easily affected by hair from pets and other debris that reduce its spinning ability. This will reduce performance and even cause the belt to reduce agitation.

To eliminate such risk of reduced performance, clean the brush regularly. If you own pets, then you may want to increase the frequency at which you clean the brush.

Empty the bag at two-third

Experts say if you want maximum performance from your vacuum cleaner, you should empty the vacuum bag at 75% capacity. A full bag will reduce suction as it will reduce airflow and overall performance because of its weight.

This is easier on vacuum bags with indicators that tell you when your bag is full. You should also check the health of the bag to ascertain when it is time for a replacement.

Clean the vacuum filters

A clean filter enhances the performance of your vacuum engine. Hence, why you need to check it frequently. If your vacuum filter is washable, then wash it frequently to remove residual dirt and debris. Otherwise, you will need to buy a replacement filter.

Schedule regular maintenance

Stay ahead of the problem by scheduling a regular maintenance routine with a professional to check the drive belt, motor, on/off switch, wires, fan, brush roller, bristle, suction, and filters. These are the most important components of your vacuum cleaner so they need to be working at an optimal level.

Replace vacuum cleaner on time

Holding a sentimental value to a vacuum cleaner may cost you more money than simply replacing it. While it is okay to replace certain components of the vacuum cleaner if they stop working or experience reduced performance, replacing other components like the vacuum motor might be at your detriment.

To avoid such heavy investment, just order another vacuum cleaner from Amazon. You will enjoy the performance of a new engine, but most importantly, you won’t have to deal with the headache of regular maintenance.

According to experts, upright vacuums are not worth repairing after using them for five years. Conclusively, repairing your vacuum on time helps to extend its lifespan and keep it working optimally.

You should look out for the common signs listed above frequently. If you can’t fix them yourself, then check the user manual for directions or hire a professional.