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What Is The Blower Function In A Vacuum Cleaner

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Heard of the blower function in vacuum cleaners and wondered what it really does? You’re not alone as many homeowners are crawling the internet for an answer. So what is the blower function in a vacuum cleaner, and does it work? Keep reading to find out.

What is the blower function in a vacuum cleaner


The traditional function of a vacuum cleaner is to remove dirt and debris from surfaces, but by adding the function of a blower, you can remove leaves, dust, and large debris from all types of surface. The bag of a regular vacuum cleaner would fill too quickly if you try to vacuum your lawn with a traditional vacuum. Hence, the importance of a blower in a vacuum cleaner.

The integrated blower in advanced vacuum cleaners helps to unsettle dust and blow dried leaves away, amongst others.

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Pros of using a vacuum cleaner as a blower

While you can buy a blower as a different equipment, the option of buying it integrated inside a vacuum cleaner has its perks and advantages. Here are the advantages of using a vacuum cleaner as a blower.

Unsettle the Dust

Dust can easily settle in hard to reach corners of our homes and cars. Unsettling those bacteria infested dust becomes imperative to keep your home clean, and family in good health. A vacuum cleaner cum blower is a great equipment to settle dust. They don’t need to reach the base which makes them consistent at removing dust from all the areas in your home including chairs, sofas, and windows. Blowers can also be used to remove dust from computers, cabinets, and keyboards. So if you have areas in your home that haven’t received thorough cleaning in a while, this equipment is what you’ll need to make them clean again. While blowing, make sure to cover everything in sight and protect your immune system by covering your nose.

High Powered Motor

To exert more air pressure in the desired amount, vacuum cleaners with blowers are built with high powered motors. The motor is highly powered so that it blows the right amount of air in the right direction and to guarantee maximum results. The motor is the most important component of these types of vacuum cleaners. They are to work all the time and should be maintained regularly for maximum performance. They can function on both AC and DC supply.

Use As Leaf Blower

The fall comes with littered dried leaves that require frequent cleaning to keep the environment clean. While some may see it as aesthetically pleasing, leaving dried leaves on your lawn may lead to animal infestation and poor air. Use the blower function in your vacuum cleaner to remove these dried leaves with ease.

Saves Time and Energy

Vacuum cleaners with the blower function allows homeowners to clean large areas in no time. Since they have high suction power, they suck up dirt and debris faster than the average vacuum cleaner. This saves time and energy, which allows you to do other important things with your time.

Cost Effective

Vacuum cleaners with the blower function have two distinct tools in one. You can remove solid debris and blow away dust using only this equipment. This means you don’t have to buy a different vacuum for the two cleaning problems. You can save on one, and use that money on another significant tool in your home. Vacuum cleaners with blowers are available in different designs, sizes, and functions.

Why Use Vacuum Cleaner As Blower

Why not buy a blower instead of using a vacuum cleaner? Some people argue that buying a blower is more efficient, however, after several tests, we have come to the conclusion that a vacuum cleaner is has efficient as a blower. This is because new models of vacuum cleaners come with advanced technology that enhance all-round performance. They have an integrated blow function that owners can use to unsettle the dust in their home. They come with high suction power that help homeowners unsettle and pick up dust fast.

A vacuum cleaner with the blow function is also cost-effective since they can clean multiple surfaces such as cars and computer keyboards. They also come in handy for cleaning Air Conditioning that hasn’t been used in a long while.

How to turn a vacuum cleaner into a blower

If you own a vacuum cleaner with the blower function, you can easily turn it into a blower to remove dried leaves and debris, but how do you turn it into a blower? Follow the instructions below to turn your vacuum cleaner into a blower.

Step 1: Disconnect vacuum cleaner from power supply to avoid personal injury and damage to the equipment. Remove the plug from the socket or remove the motor unit.

Step 2: Next, remove the hose from the vacuum section and move it to the motor’s blowing side.

Step 3: After removing the hose, you can now turn it on and angle it to the dirty surface. The installed powerful motor will blow air and remove the leaves and dust from the surface. This guarantees complete eradication of debris and ensures a clean environment. This is useful for homeowners with garage, garden, or a big lawn.

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Other Vacuum Cleaner Parts And Their Functions

As it can be inferred, vacuum cleaners serve more than one purpose. These include using it as a blower and several other functions. These functions are available based on model, components, and compatible models. Here are the additional functions of a vacuum cleaner.


Vacuum cleaners are air purifiers, removing bacteria and harmful particles that may cause sickness and allergies. There are two types of filters; motor and heap filters. They both serve important functions of purifying the air. Filters come in different sizes and materials, which are paper, bag, foam, cyclone, cartridge, and cloth filters. They are all consistent in delivering their duties. However, maintenance is high for disposable filters as you’d need new filters to replace the old ones.

Washable filters can be maintained and used for longer periods. To wash, soak it inside soapy water and rinse. Make sure the filter is completely dry before putting it back inside your vacuum cleaner. Otherwise, you’ll need to buy replacement filters for your vacuum cleaner. Make sure the filters are compatible and the right size for your vacuum. You can check the size of the filter on the vacuum.

Tips And Warnings

Before turning your vacuum into a blower, make sure it is unplugged and disconnected from all power sources. Also, inspect the cable as you blow away debris. Make sure the cable is long enough for the distance you want to cover. If it’s too short, then find a socket nearby to plug the vacuum. Check for nicks and store the vacuum where it won’t get easily damaged by contact and other things, especially liquid.

Also, schedule regular maintenance to keep the equipment in good condition, and to prevent small damages from becoming wild, time and cash consuming issues. Regular maintenance helps you uncover those slightly damaged components which a simple repair can fix. If you’re handy and know your way around home equipment, you can maintain it yourself. However, if you’re having doubts about your abilities, you should hire a professional.

Vacuum Cleaner With Blow Function Vs Vacuum Without

Vacuum Cleaner with Blower Vacuum Cleaner without blower

Blows dust away Not available

Sucks leaves and debris Not available

Cleans CPU and Keyboards Not available

High powered motor Average suction

Saves Time and Energy Varies depending on suction power, size, and price.

Conclusively, owning a vacuum cleaner that has a blower function saves you money and time. Instead of buying two different cleaning tools, simply buy this dual functioning vacuum. You also save storage space by having only one vacuum cleaner.